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Origins of the Trust

Under the Fire Brigades Act of 1938 the UK insurance industry paid a lump sum to the Government in return for which it no longer contributed to certain local fire service expenditure.

Part of the lump sum was distributed to local fire authorities at that time, while the remaining £285,000 (UK Pounds) was paid into the Trust to fund its purposes.

The Trust did not operate during World War 2. The fire service was returned to local government in 1948 and grants have been made regularly in accordance with the terms of the original Declaration of Trust. Active management of investments for most of the Trust’s life has offset inflation and increased the value of the amount in hand to around £5 million.

Providing information &
guidance with applications for financial grants

Fire Service Research and Training Trust

Guidance for Grant applicants

The Trustees are very keen to attract applications for grants. If you are considering an application, do make contact with the Trust Secretary who will put you in touch with one of our Trustees who will help you with your application.

Within the objects of the Trust, the trustees aim to promote and assist:

  • Research into the prevention of, protection from, or response to, fire and rescue service related risks posed to businesses or communities
  • Training fire and rescue service personnel
  • Securing improvements in appliances of value to the fire and rescue service
  • Securing the general efficiency and effectiveness of UK fire and rescue services as a whole

Applicants are encouraged to set out the purpose of their bid, how it will be measured, and a cost structure.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please click here to see some notes of guidance.